What is Adhesive Spray used for?

Adhesive sprays are a great choice for DIY, arts & crafts, furniture, clothing and decorations.

Adhesive spray glue is applied to surfaces from a pressurised can. The spraying action ensures a consistent coat onto the required surface.


Spray adhesive can bond a wide variety of materials, such as:

Wood, Cork, Concrete, Stone, Tiles, Rubber, Foam, Metals, Rigid Plastics, Polythene, Canvas, Cardboard and Paper.

How to apply Adhesive Spray Glue

Shake can before use. Select spray width by turning nozzle to desired setting. Spray adhesive from 15-21cm away on to one or both surfaces.

  1. One Way Wet – Spray one surface only and apply immediately allowing repositioning.

  2. One Way Dry – Spray one surface only, allow to dry for about 30 seconds and apply, giving instant bonding.

  3. Two Way Dry – Spray both surfaces, allow to dry for about 30 seconds and apply, giving very fast bonding. Ideal for vertical fixing.

Excess adhesive can be removed with white spirit.

Shop Adhesive Spray Glue

Sprad Adhesive Spray 3-way stick action means quick and efficient bonding of all materials. It is both high tack and long tack. Non flammable and just one 500ml can of Sprad Adhesive Spray will give you coverage of up to 5 sq meters. Easy to use aerosol.