Floor Marking Tape: What to Use and Where

Workplaces should be clear when it comes to safety, starting with floor marking tape. It can be difficult to communicate to employees and visitors the meaning of your marking tape so using colour coordination can be a useful tool to ensure clarity to your workforce. In this blog we will help to advise which type of floor marking tape is appropriate to improve efficiency and keep your workplace compliant to health and safety obligations.

As floor tapes are universally understood, they are internationally recognised. Whilst there is no standardised colour coded system, there are industry norms when it comes to different colours:

Red – danger (usually white/red striped) or an area of a factory designated for scrap materials

Yellow – traffic safety messaging, risk areas and individual work zones (often as a yellow/black striped)

White – storage areas and equipment zones

Orange – goods awaiting inspection or transit

Green – finished goods or recycling areas for certain materials

Blue – materials awaiting use or glass recycling areas

Black – production zones.

Often, white/green striped floor markings are used for information purposes, such as where to find safety equipment or the best routes to walk.

The best way to use floor marking tapes

Coming up with a floor plan for your premises is the most efficient way to execute a clear set up that works for you. Mark out on the floor plan where and which floor marking tape needs to be used, then hand out copies of the floor plan to your employees and display to visitors. These floor plans can be used at a glance to make hazards etc clear. Also, make sure you have the colour code somewhere on your floor plan to help personnel distinguish between different colours. Avoid having ‘busy’ floor markings and too many colours in one place, as this can diffuse how effective floor signs are.

Benefits of Floor Marking Tape

  • Easy installation – Floor marking tape is very simple to install and can be made even easier by using a floor marking machine.

  • Customisable – Floor tape comes in a variety of colours and sizes which makes it easy for companies to completely customise the use of the tape to the company needs.

  • Durable – Floor marking tape is very durable and can handle a lot of foot traffic and vehicles running over it. When installed properly, floor tape can last for many years.

  • No Fumes – This tape unlike floor paint/sprays does not produce any fumes, meaning it can be laid down without causing any disruption to productivity.

Floor Marking Tapes for Sports

Floor Marking Tape is also ideal to use for sporting courts and halls. The below table can be used as a guide:

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