Sprad Adhesive Spray Glue. This Adhesive Spray is ideal for binding a wide variety of materials. Including: wood, plastic, cork, rubber fabric, card and paper to each other or to brickwork, concrete, stone and plaster. Guaranteed a perfect spraying action. There is a variable spray valve which can be directed in a concentrated line or a wide area for bonding lighter materials. Sprad Adhesive Spray foaming formula prevents soaking into porous surfaces and minimises similar problems when used on fabrics and paper products. Sprad Adhesive Spray 3-way stick action means quick and efficient bonding of all materials. It is both high tack and long tack. Non flammable and just one 500ml can of Sprad Adhesive Spray will give you coverage of up to 5 sq meters. Easy to use aerosol. Additionally, why not watch our short film and see some of our products which are ideal for hobbies and crafts.  NB:  This product has an online minimum order quantity of 4 cans.