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Welcome to our ‘Coffee Break’ section, a part of the Directa Website designed for customers to enjoy whilst on their breaks or in their own time. The Coffee Break area is all about having a little bit of fun with our customers.

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Thanks to all our customers for your Naughty Elf competition pictures! Winner will be announced soon… take a look at some of our favourites below.

2018 Calendar Answers

Snow Frame Film Clues

January 2019 Calendar Clues

  1.                                                11.
  2.    Not Monkeys                   12.
  3.                                                13.
  4.                                                14.
  5.                                                15.
  6.   Under Pressure                16.
  7.                                                17. Wrapper
  8.                                                18.
  9.                                                19.
  10.                                                20.

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