Being faced with a slow moving or blocked drain can be frustrating, you’ve tried the ‘not so trusty’ plunger, but nothing is working. The next step would be to call out a professional plumber to fix it which is time consuming and costly.

However, with the following range of drain cleaners you could resolve the blockage yourself, saving you time and money. Below we have compiled our favourite drain cleaners available, so take a look!

Uniquely formulated chemical agent which dissolves the following: grease, hair, sanitary napkins, paper, cigarette ends as well as other organic matter on contact. Simply pour the liquid through standing water directly to the blockage. Can be used on domestic drains,  sink drains, bath and shower drains, toilet as well as floor drains. Built-in inhibitors ensure this product will not harm drains, pipes or septic tanks.

Pressure Plumber - sink, bath and drain clearer

An easy to use product that clears obstructions caused by hair, soap build-up, and fat in seconds. Pressure Plumber works by using a controlled amount of pressure. Quick, and safe to use. Most importantly, there are no harsh chemicals to worry about. Harmless to sound plumbing. Can be used with septic systems. Supplied in a 150ml can.

The safe and fragrant way to clear drain blockages. One dose will clear your slow running drains. Just pour and let the powder work it’s magic! This product can be used for drains, toilets & urinals, grease traps and septic systems.

This liquid busts through blockages quickly and easily. Use Drain rod on sinks, small drains, toilets and floor drains. The powerful chemical action destroys organic solids such as: grease, sanitary towels, coffee grounds, soap, paper, lint, cigarette ends and cloths. You can use this product in all types of drains and grease traps. Liqui-Genius Drain Unblocker is safe to use on plastic pipes and other parts of drain systems.

This specially formulated chemical agent used periodically for cleaning and maintenance, will ensure a smooth flow-through of industrial drains, sinks, toilets, showers, and urinals. Weekly application removes verdigris (green rust) and hard water scale build up. Sanitises and prevents costly blockages. Equally effective when diluted for more liberal use. Child resistant container. Fast acting and effective.

There are factors to consider before purchasing a drain cleaner such as:

Type of blockage: What is causing the blockage? Kitchen drains usually become clogged by oils and grease from food, while showers are mostly blocked from hair and general dirt. Make sure you get a drain cleaner that is right for your blockage.

Type of pipe: Be careful as some chemicals in drain cleaners can destroy pipes, keep that in mind and choose your drain cleaner accordingly to which type of pipe you have.

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All information is to the best of our knowledge at the time of publishing, please check product datasheets for full specification of each product.