Lubricant sprays are a great product to have around as you never know when it may come in handy. Whether it’s at home to help with those DIY tasks, inside a workshop or your workplace, a can of lubricating spray should never be far away!

However, few of us know what lubricating sprays are all about. Bearing this in mind in this blog we’ll be exploring the different uses for lubricating spray.

Doors, windows and more:

  • If you have an annoying squeaky door or just want to protect your hinges from corrosion, then lubricating spray is ideal to use. All you need to do is spray the lubricant onto the door hinges from time to time to ensure it is squeak and rust free. – The same goes for your windows and sliding patio doors!

Bike Chains:

  • Bike lovers (whether that’s a motorbike or a peddle bike) know that keeping the chain in good condition is essential for the bike’s health. Regularly lubricating your bike will not only help to keep it in tip top shape but will also save you money on maintaining/replacing worn out chains in the long run.

Seized nuts, bolts and screws:

  • Lubricant spray is brilliant at removing rust and to help loosen established rust on seized nuts, bolts and screws. All you need to do is spray the lubricant directly onto the rust, leave for a few minutes and then give the screw, nut or bolt a turn and it should come loose. Please note that if you are using a spray lubricant regularly on hardware such as nuts, bolts and screws it can maintain them for longer and significantly prevent rust/corrosion.

Production line:

  • Using a lubricant spray on the production line is essential to keep running machines at a high and efficient level. Lubricating machinery on the production line will ensure that parts do not seize up and break. If you work in a factory, you will know that if one thing stops working, it all does! To save time and money, give machinery regular maintenance with lubricating spray.

Gym equipment:

  • A lot of home gym gear features all kinds of hinges, rollers, pulleys and levers. Using lubricant spray on your machines at home will protect it from moisture and other impurities.

Stains and scuff marks:

  • Spray silicone can be used on stains while it is still damp. Then throw the item in the washing machine and the stain should come right out! Also, spray onto scuffs on tile or linoleum flooring, wait a few moments and the mark should rub right off.


  • Lubricant spray can be helpful for a wide range of applications on vehicles including agricultural equipment. From slow retracting seatbelts, chassis lubrication and door lock cylinders, a can of lubricant spray is always handy to have for your vehicle.

So, by now I bet you’re thinking ‘I need to get myself some lubricant spray, but there’s so many on the market which one is best?!’. Great question, Dlube Damp Away is a great multi-application general lubricant spray that is safe to use on metals, rubber, paints, enamels and most plastics. What’s even better is that Dlube is supplied in an industrial sized 500ml can for you to use for longer and only costs £4.80 per can!