The Requirements of Safety Signs. Did you know by law your workplace has to display safety signs where there is a risk or danger? No? then read on…

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996

The Health and Safety (Signs and Signal) Regulations 1996 require employers to provide specific safety signage whenever there is a risk that could not be avoided or controlled. There are specific requirements for colour and shape.

Supplementary text may be added to help understand the meaning, but text only signs are not permitted.

All signs must…

  • contain a symbol or pictogram
  • produced of a specific colour which clearly defines a clear message
  • be maintained
  • replaced if they are defective.

The requirements of safety signs state employers also have to explain any signage that may be unfamiliar to employees. They need to ensure all employees understand the meaning and any actions that need to be taken.


So, if your workplace isnt already displaying signs it’s about time you did, below explains the different colours of safety signs and their meanings:

Red signs are for prohibition, danger or for alarm. Red signs include ‘No Smoking’ or ‘No Access’ Signs.

Yellow or Amber are warning signs used for caution or for taking precautions. Such as ‘Danger Test Area’ or ‘Beware of Vehicles’ Signs.

Blue signs are for instruction or for information, for example, ‘PPE Wear Must Be Worn’.

Green signs are for emergency escape routes or first aid. For example, ‘Assembly Point‘ or ‘First Aid Box’ Signs.

Red (fire-fighting signs) give instructions for and the location of firefighting equipment. Such as ‘Fire Point’ and ‘Wet Riser’ Signs.


The Laws on Safety Signs are not just to protect your employees but members of the public, service users, delivery drivers as well. Make sure your well equiped with all the latest safety signs. You also MUST have a Health and Saftey Law Poster on display on your premises.

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