What is Adhesive Spray used for?

What is Adhesive Spray used for? Adhesive sprays are a great choice for DIY, arts & crafts, furniture, clothing and decorations. Adhesive spray glue is applied to surfaces from a pressurised can. The spraying action ensures a consistent coat onto the required surface.   Spray adhesive can bond a wide variety of materials, such as: Wood, Cork, Concrete, Stone, Tiles, Rubber, Foam, Metals, Rigid Plastics, Polythene, Canvas, Cardboard and Paper. How to apply Adhesive Spray Glue Shake can before use. Select spray width by turning nozzle to desired setting. Spray adhesive from 15-21cm away on to one or both surfaces. One Way Wet - Spray one surface only and apply immediately allowing repositioning. One Way Dry - Spray one surface only, allow to dry for [...]

How to use masking tape for painting

HOW TO USE MASKING TAPE FOR PAINTING You've made the desicion to decorate and give your home a fresh look with some paint - GREAT! You've been to the shops and spent hours deciding which colour is going to look best. So now what?...  Preparation is KEY when it comes to decorating and one of the most important tools needed to give your home the perfect finish is masking tape. You can browse through our masking tapes below to find which is best for you. But first, we are going to explain how to correctly apply the masking tape before you start painting to ensure you get the best results possible. Masking tape application techniques: 1. Make sure your surface is clean. Ensure dirt and dust [...]

Anti Slip Tape – Everything you need to know

Anti Slip Tape - Everything you need to know Safety is a major concern in most environments these days, which is great for keeping us all safe. Putting in precautionary measures in your home, workplaces and places of leisure gives us an extra layer of protection against accidents. One of the most common incidents are trips and falls which can easily be preventable with the right equipment. Anti-slip tapes are a great solution to minimise the risk of somebody injuring themselves. Let's look at Anti-Slip Tapes in more detail below... Where to use Anti-Slip Tapes You can get maximum slip resistance with minimum fuss by using anti-slip tape, it is high-strength and high-tack meaning it is an ideal product for industrial areas and high footfall areas [...]

Floor Marking Tape – What to Use and Where

Floor Marking Tape: What to Use and Where Workplaces should be clear when it comes to safety, starting with floor marking tape. It can be difficult to communicate to employees and visitors the meaning of your marking tape so using colour coordination can be a useful tool to ensure clarity to your workforce. In this blog we will help to advise which type of floor marking tape is appropriate to improve efficiency and keep your workplace compliant to health and safety obligations. As floor tapes are universally understood, they are internationally recognised. Whilst there is no standardised colour coded system, there are industry norms when it comes to different colours: Red – danger (usually white/red striped) or an area of a factory designated for scrap materials Yellow – traffic [...]

Top uses for Lubricant Spray

TOP USES FOR LUBRICANT SPRAY Lubricant sprays are a great product to have around as you never know when it may come in handy. Whether it's at home to help with those DIY tasks, inside a workshop or your workplace, a can of lubricating spray should never be far away! However, few of us know what lubricating sprays are all about. Bearing this in mind in this blog we'll be exploring the different uses for lubricating spray. Doors, windows and more: If you have an annoying squeaky door or just want to protect your hinges from corrosion, then lubricating spray is ideal to use. All you need to do is spray the lubricant onto the door hinges from time to time to ensure it is squeak and [...]

Our 5 best drain cleaners for 2022

OUR 5 BEST DRAIN CLEANERS FOR 2022 Being faced with a slow moving or blocked drain can be frustrating, you've tried the 'not so trusty' plunger, but nothing is working. The next step would be to call out a professional plumber to fix it which is time consuming and costly. However, with the following range of drain cleaners you could resolve the blockage yourself, saving you time and money. Below we have compiled our favourite drain cleaners available, so take a look! DAMBUSTER DRAIN CLEANER - 1 LITRE BOTTLE Uniquely formulated chemical agent which dissolves the following: grease, hair, sanitary napkins, paper, cigarette ends as well as other organic matter on contact. Simply pour the liquid through standing water directly to the [...]