When must High-Visibility Clothing be worn?

High Visibility Clothing in the workplace WHERE IS HIGH VIS REQUIRED? High visibility wear is required in certain workplaces, such as construction sites especially where vehicles operate. It is also required for the driver to wear high visibility when he exits the vehicle. People who work outside in public places also mostly require to wear high vis clothing so the public is aware of them. Another example of the types of job that require high vis is ground staff at airports so they are easily spotted. High Visibility Clothing Includes: High Vis Waistcoats High Vis Trousers High Vis Jackets High Vis Coats FOR EMPLOYERS Employers must: Provide any HV clothing needed for the job free of charge to any employees who may be exposed [...]

Directa Celebrate 50th Moon Landing Anniversary with VELCRO®

It's 50 Years since we landed on the moon and Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop went into space! The image below shows where Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop was used for this special occasion. Moon Landing Timeline Directa have recently become Premium Authorised Distributors for the VELCRO® Brand Range - why not take a look at what we can supply, and give this great product a try today. Order online and take advantage of our new prices that now have a 30% discount  > Click Here

Winter Safety Products

Winter Safety Products Our winter safety products are supplied to make you prepared this winter. Health and safety is a crucial part of a business therefore should always be considered, particularly in the winter months. Bad weather including snow and ice, can increase the chances of an accident happening at your workplace. Make sure you have all the winter supplies so you can take the steps to prevent any accidents occuring. Additionally, as well as the below, Directa UK also supply safety signs so you can warn your staff and visitors to be cautious when maneuvering around site. Rock Salt Grit Bins Winter Shovels Snow Clearer Plough Salt Spreader Shovel Wheelbarrow Gorilla Tub Scraper and De-Icer Broom Heads [...]

Prepare and paint a concrete floor

Prepare and paint a concrete floor The below is a step by step guide on how to prepare and paint a concrete floor. STEP 1 - Simply pour our Concrete Etching Fluid onto the floor and apply by brush. A floor scrubbing brush will help for larger areas. Simply brush on and rinse away. Our Concrete Etching Fluid: • Ensures good adhesion. • Gives a 'key' to smooth concrete. • Helps provide a slip/skid resistant surface on polished concrete. STEP 2 - Once you have applied the Concrete Etching Fluid to your floor, carefully rinse the floor clean, make sure you don't use anything powerful like a pressure washer as this may ruin all your hard work! STEP 3 - You can now leave the floor to dry out [...]