3M™ Spray 74 Adhesive Spray Glue For Foam. 500ml. Ideal for general upholstery foam bonding. Bonds fabric to many surfaces. Use to form foam shapes by knife edge bonding. Bonding flexible urethane or latex foam together and to other materials such as wood, metal as well as plastics. Features include high coverage, soft bond lines, and immediate bonds. Not recommended for vinyl. Specially formulated for bonding flexible urethane as well as latex foam to themselves. Therefore, the defined edge of the lace spray pattern permits accurate and economical application. The soft, non dimpling glueline can be repeatedly compressed with no dimpling even after years of ageing. The adhesive develops tack very quickly. Allowing faster assembly of parts. 3M™ Spray 74 Adhesive Spray Glue for Foam has a 5 second to 10 minute bonding range. Minimum Order Quantity is 2 cans. Additionally, for our full range of 3M adhesive sprays, click here.