Why not have a bit of fun and help us reach our ‘101 uses for Gaffer Tape’ Challenge.

We plan to publish 101 different and zany uses for our universally used Performance Gaffer Tape.We’ll be posting one a day until you run out of ideas.

We are giving away a free 50mm x 50M roll (in your choice of colour) for every suggestion that’s printable!

You don’t have to be in the entertainment business to buy our Performance Gaffer Tape so what do you use it for?

Visit our Facebook page and let us know or you can email head.office@directa.co.uk with your idea.



(sent in to us from a set decorator) ‘I made a fake cactus painted it green and added fake pricks



(sent in to us from a musician) ‘I use Gaffer Tape to attach my spare picks to my guitar



(sent in to us from a dresser) ‘I use Gaffer Tape to repair an underwire bra if the wire pokes out ! ‘  

stuck to a chair

No. 4

(sent in to us from a teacher) ‘Use Gaffer Tape to stick drama students to their chairs so they’ll pay attention’


No. 5

(from a ventriloquist) ‘The temporary fixing of my partners private parts’

Black Car

 No. 6  

(from the Maintenance Department)  ‘Fixing the wing mirror back on my black car with black gaffer’

 No. 7

Body Outline

(Backstage Crew) ‘Outlining those pesky dead bodies we find backstage during tech week’ 


  No. 8

(Props Department) ‘Making a fake axe blade’

   No. 9

Leaded Window

(Set Decorator) ‘Use to making leading on windows – tear gaffer tape into strips lengthwise, you can’t tell the difference under light and it doesn’t peel off glass like electrical tape’

No. 10


(Backstage Crew) ‘Holding lyric sheets to monitors for bands that are so drunk they’ve forgotten the words (and I’ve really had to do that!)’

No. 11

  Table and Chairs

(Set Decorator) ‘Providing black rims to tables and sets etc’

No. 12

Band Stands(Exceptional Roadie) ‘Holding Band Stands together, not to be confused with bandstands, but hey anything’s possible with Gods tape! ‘

No. 13  Door Knob

(Adorable Assistant Stage Manager) ‘I used gaffer tape for an instant rescue when the prop doorknob fell off’

No. 14

stand here

(Anonymous Director) ‘Writing on floor, directions for thick cast!’

No. 15

(Knowledgeable Techie) ‘Making reflectors for a infrared receiver on a TV set.  Actor was stationed at an acute angle to receiver, reflector bounced the signal right in !’

No. 16

(Touring Stage Manager) ‘Taping actors to statues and wheeling them around the stage, (don’t ask why!)’

  Rubber Chicken

No. 17

(Props and Poultry) ‘ Taping Rubber Chickens to lighting pipes so that chickens hang on stage’

No. 18

(Clever Roadie)

‘Fixed pieces of rostra together to prevent band kicking them apart’

Black Curtain

No. 19

(Resourceful Assistant Stage Manager) ‘Repaired holes in black curtains, placing gaffer patch each side of hole and pressing together’ 

No. 20

(Another resourceful Stage Manager) ‘On the set of South Pacific I got an urgent call to look stage right. I saw the whole side of the set was about to fall down, so I got some gaffer tape, climbed onto a fly bar and taped it up to the front valence rod.  It didn’t fall … luckily neither did I !’

Stained Glass Window

No. 21

(Property Glazing Department) ‘Make a stained glass window out of cellophane and gaffer tape’

No. 22

(Cautious Lighting Techie) ‘When asked to hang a very expensive light to the bottom of an air vent, 25 feet in the air, ask for and use a FULL roll of GOD’S tape’

No. 23

(Daring Techie) ‘Hung up my boss close to the truss, as a reward for good sound check’


Gaffer Football

(Assistant Stage Manager)

‘Sculpt used tape into a football shape, then use an empty stage as a pitch, a pair of manfrottos with a scaffold bar between as goal posts, then use white gaffer on the floor to provide the lines. Finally you need to make gaffer people to play against!’

No. 25

(Clever Techie) ‘While focusing, use gaffer to cover the contacts so that you don’t have to keep taking the outriggers out every time you want to move’

No. 26

(Ingenious Roadie) ‘Made glass/bottle holders, by taping them to the microphone stands. Keeps the liquid away from Marshalls and Pedals’

No. 27

(Nervous Assistant Stage Manager) ‘Repaired a hole in the pit wall, caused by my foot while resetting pit cover, so that the Technical Director doesn’t notice’

  Office Chair

No. 28

(Resourceful Assistant Stage Manager) ‘Sticking to rollers on the bottom of office chairs and then it can be used as a keyboard seat, as the gaffer tape provides some safety and security (despite excessive stage performance)’

garden gnome

No. 29

(Stage Gardener) ‘Taping a garden gnome to a light (you really don’t  want to know!)’

No. 30

(Roadie Supreme) ‘Made an emergency guitar strap at an outdoor festival. Just put a few layers face to face with some plastic reinforcement. Tightwads probably still using it!’

No. 31

(Happy Assistant Stage Manager) ‘Scaffolding reflecting light, we can’t paint it as its not ours, so pass the gaffer tape!’

No. 32

(Elfin Safety Stage Manager) ‘Use white gaffer tape on the edge of the stage, then if an actor falls in a blackout we can say there was a noticeable mark to show the edge ….. so you can’t sue!’

No. 33

(‘Graffiti’ George – Sound) ‘Writing B*llocks on my amp at corporate sponsored gigs’


  No. 34

(Assistant Stage Manager in charge of traffic) ‘Make big arrows with white gaffer tape to direct a rather ‘too inquisitive’ audience around the black drapes’

   No. 35

(Attentive Stage Manager) ‘Use for holding staging together for when we lose (or can’t be bothered with) the bolts and clamps that should be used’

No. 36

(French Assistant Stage Manager) ‘Weren’t allowed to sew up holes made by somebody else in the blacks (curtains).  So made a patch fashioned out of gaffer tape for an L-shaped hole about a foot long on each side.  Sticky side upstage to cover the open part of the hole, sticky side down to attach the patch – voila’

No. 37

(Stage Manager in a hole) ‘For thirty years as set builders, we have drilled into stages and ripped the entire thing up at the end of each show.  Now there’s a patchwork of gaffer lines so instead of a wooden floor we have a gaffer floor’

 Trombone Player

No. 38

(Muso blowing his own trumpet!) ‘When my old trombone slide snapped in half at a gig, I had to finish the last set with it gaffer taped together’


No. 39

(Resourceful Actor) ‘Having forgot my watch, I made a fake one out of gaffer tape and made the time two minutes to curtain up’


(Non-Lighting Crew) ‘Used gaffer tape to make a blast shield for flash pot/pyrotechnic device’


No. 41

(Director with a headache) ‘Used gaffer tape to muffle the clumping noise of dancers shoes on stage’

dresser with china on

No. 42

(Stage Security) ‘Used gaffer tape to fix props to shelves on stage set that gets regularly moved’


(Middle Management) ‘Although usually ignored, gaffer tape can be used to mark the centre point on the stage’


(Crew Member with a backache) ‘Used gaffer tape to lay lino/hardboard flooring’


pair of shiny shoes(MD in footlights) ‘Our keyboard player forgot his costume shoes for a gig and only had a pair of sandals, so we transformed them into some shiny gaffered shoes. The audience were none the wiser’

  drum kit


(Resourceful Drummer) ‘Used gaffer tape to hold the beater on a bass drums kick pedal.’

shoe soles


(Non-Skid Sid) ‘Used gaffer tape to stick on the soles of shoes, to prevent them from slipping on a smooth stage floor’


(Action Leccie) ‘Used gaffer tape to restrain the director from messing with the lighting rig’


(Scared Props) ‘Used gaffer tape to hold actors ears back when attempting to get into a nun’s habit and veil for a part’

gaffer tape mouth


(Proper Gaffer) ‘Used to tape actors mouths shut when they ask, “What actually is Gaffa tape? … Is it the same as Duct Tape?”‘


(Anon) ‘Used gaffer tape to tape Stage Managers to Crucifixes’


(Desperate Roadie) ‘When no other materials were available I used gaffer tape as an emergency personal hygiene replacement. The result was OK but could prove to be unpopular with hairy people’


(Fitter having a fit) ‘Used for taping annoying LX people to their rig when they keep asking for more lights up there! I mean, how many moving lights does a designer need!!’

evil baby doll


(Chuckie The Roadie) ‘Used gaffer tape to tape a demonic baby doll to the wall behind the sound shells. Trespassers backstage got the fright of their lives!’


(Pocket picking ASM) ‘Used gaffer tape for taping the radio mic transmitters to actors/actresses backs when they don’t have pocketsblue frisbee.’


(Captain Hook) ‘Fashioned a long pole out of gaffer tape to fish a Frisbee out of the river, lost by an over-enthusiastic cast’


(Front of- House Manager) ‘Note that ‘Heavy Duty Red Gaffer’ is not ideal as tit-tape. The colour is too strong and the threads stick out. It is however, very dependable!’

mummified gaffer tape


(Out of work Assistant Stage Manager) ‘Used gaffer tape to mummify the Stage Manager before rolling him across the stage during the last performance climax’


(Voice of Experience) ‘To prevent props from being found broken two hours before opening night- tape them together using gaffer tape’


(Disappointed Roadie) ‘Gaffer tape may do everything but you can’t have sex with it’

Bow Tie


(Rhyming Simon) ‘Made a bow tie…as nowhere to buy…(looks OK …from 8ft away)’


(Firm but effective SM) ‘Used gaffer tape to tape our director to the truss on press night’

Gaffer Tape Wallet


(Skint Stage Hand) ‘Used gaffer tape to stop my watch band from breaking and to hold my wallet together’


(ASM – Assistant Stocking Mender) ‘Used to hold up stockings when the garter belt snaps’


(Sealed with a kiss actor ) ‘Used gaffer tape to plug up holes in backpack to prevent any more lost scripts’

  motorcyle boots


(Biker Director) ‘Used for holding motorcycle boots and leathers together. Old and worn is best.’


(Scruff in Wings) ‘Stick a piece of Gaffer each side of a hole in jeans before their monthly wash’


(Brother Professional) ‘Used gaffer tape to stick my sisters dress to her back to prevent exposing a tattoo of her exes’ name’


(Titillated ASM) ‘Used Gaffer as an instant wonder bra to prevent bruising the chests of large Irish tap dancers! It was great fun reclaiming the tape to be used again!’


(Costume Dept) ‘Used to hold up a recent mothers skirt when the elastic broke – ‘Does my Mum look big in this?’


(Ex Bare-Chested Roadie) ‘Used gaffer tape to stick my favourite T shirt back together after the Ambo’s had to cut it off!


(Scabby Bum on Sound) ‘Used gaffer tape to repair a hole made in jeans, after sitting on- and sliding over a screw’



(Nappy Changing SM) ‘Use gaffer wherever safety-pins fail’


(Director) ‘Used to tape over a stroppy ‘stars’ name on a poster after they walked out.’ ‘Who needs you’



(Best in my field Roadie) ‘Used to tape crows onto Scarecrows shoulder’


(Moustache-Less Teacher) ‘Used as instant facial hair for a junior school production’


(Compare the lighting.com) ‘Used gaffer tape to blackout slide on a follow spot – Simples!’


(Ex-Plumber) ‘Used gaffer tape to cover Taps on Tap shoes when they aren’t needed’


(Costume Dept with a tight budget) ‘Used gaffer tape to hem trouser legs. It lasts around 3 months even with heavy washing! It also means you have a reserve of small bits of gaffer to get you by in case of emergency.’


(I know it’s bad for me-Roadie) ‘Gaffer tape can be used to gag old people on crew who moan about the volume when you’re on your smoke break.’


(Crew Driver) ‘Used to remove annoying eyebrows from sleeping drunken actors which have overdone Botox’


(Castaway ASM) ‘Used gaffer tape to tape seashells onto the chests of actors’



(Stage Manager in charge of matting) ‘Used gaffer tape to attach wigs to the heads of gullible actors’


(Costume and lobing dept.) ‘Used gaffer to stick on false ears. I should have sold the idea to The News of the World’


(Hero among stage hands) ‘Used to rescue your lead when he tears a hole in the jacket of his main costume just minutes before curtain up’


(Helpful Hetro at Stage Side) ‘Used gaffer tape to stop pantyhose from laddering’


(Techie With A Moral Conscience) ‘Used gaffer tape to stick over the obscene comments that other techs have written- in permanent marker- on your gaff pants’


(Waste Not Want Not Roadie) ‘Used gaffer tape to stick over the corporate logo on the Gore-Tex jacket your ex-employer gave to you’


(Ex Fiddler on the Roof Crew) ‘Used to tape up holes in pockets – using two pieces – stick 1 inside the pocket and 1 out. Less lost money but … no more pocket billiards…’

Blue Thong


(Thong Hung Blue. Everybody knows one.) ‘Had to use blue gaffer tape to hold my thong together when it snapped at the back.’


(Moustachioed Make Up Artist) ‘Used gaffer strips strategically around the face for a definitive Liam Gallagher or Groucho Marx look’

Lint Roller


(Dresser without a brush) ‘Gaffer tape can be used to remove lint and animal hair from clothing. Wrap a length of inside-out Gaffer tape onto a roll, and then roll it over clothes.’

 Traffic Lights


(Now you see me now you don’t ASM) ‘Used gaffer tape for taping up the lead roles black tuxedo pants he’d managed to rip in the last number. His orange underwear was glowing like traffic lights!’


(Underpaid Techie) ‘Used gaffer tape for taping shoes together so that the soles don’t fall off when you return to the mosh pit’


(Stylish Soundman) ‘Used silver gaffer on my Hooch bananas to hold together the rips.’



(Never in the brown stuff with gaffer Roadie) ‘Used gaffer when the tab rips off the last nappy whilst putting the kids to bed’


(Comfortable Actress) ‘Used gaffer tape for tacking down those scratchy clothing tags. It also survives the washing if you forget it’s there.’ 

Broken Glasses


(ASM- A Seeing Manager) ‘Got one of the crewmen to repair my broken glasses using gaffer- (I couldn’t see to do it)


(Unexposed Roadie) ‘So today you’re climbing up a truss tower, you’re going commando, and your pants rip! Luckily the gaff roll is wrapped around your arm … pride still intact!’

Dirty Sneakers


(Roadie With A Soul) ‘I have a pair of black, dirty, old, broken sneakers that I’m famous for. They’re taped together with silver gaffer tape. People often ask me if they should buy me some new shoes, or if there’s even any actual shoe left under the tape. I tell them: These aren’t shoes these are contemporary stage art’


(Carrie Fisher [Allegedly]) ‘Now we hear this true as she mentioned it during an interview for the Star Wars 20th Anniversary. – Gaffer tape was used to strap down Carrie Fishers’ chest during Star Wars, She added “I seriously considered running a sweep to see who gets to take the tape off at the end of shooting.”‘

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