P-Wave Washroom Fresheners

With our range of Pwave air fresheners you will keep your bathrooms smelling fresh and pleasant.

purple pwave curve
red pwave curve
yellow pwave curve
white pwave curve

P-Wave curve is one of the most flexible, professional, non aerosol air fresheners on the market. You can hide them on the side of toilets, the underside of dustbins lids, inside bathroom cabinets and so much more. Available in Citrus, Lavender, Mango and Spiced Apple.

spiced apple pwave trough
mango pwave trough

Avoid bad smells in your washrooms with Pwave Urinal Trough Screens. Instead of that unpleasant drain smell, imagine your washroom smelling lovely with your staff and visitors being greeted by a choice of natural smelling fragrances.

pwave easy fresh fan
pwave easy fresh

 The world’s only air freshener that uses the fragrance cover as the air freshener refill itself! Just take off the old cover/refill and replace it with a fresh one!

pwave brain unit
pwave door refill
pwave drone unit

Each time the doors open and close, the unique design allows the fragrance to be released. The Directa Door Fresh is the intelligent air freshener with a fragrance that lasts for over 30 days.