Pwave Urinal Trough Screen. Avoid bad smells in your washrooms with Pwave Urinal Trough Screens. Instead of that unpleasant drain smell, imagine your washroom smelling lovely with your staff and visitors being greeted by a choice of natural smelling fragrances. Everyone gets a great experience! Troughs are: Highly fragranced, releases the fragrance over 30 days, has long protrusions both sides to reduce splashback, designed to link together for the length of the Trough, a ‘Clock System’ to remind you when to change, releases an odour controlling bacteria. Directa Trough Screen is the only answer to the Trough odour. Pwave Urinal Trough Screen is available in two fragrances Mango or Spiced Apple. Supplied in a box of 6. For our full range of p-wave products, click here.