Denso Petrolatum Tape has many uses including: Corrosion protection of pipes and valves, joints, metal surfaces and cables above and below ground or under water. Sealing against ingress of water, gas,chemicals, grout etc.

Denso Gunque Tape provides a low cost equivalent to Denso Tape. It is a flexible petrolatum anti- corrosion coating, the versatile answer to all kinds of anti corrosion and sealing problems.



waterproofing tape

Ideal for sealing and waterproofing jobs around the home and garden. Easy to apply, flexible and conformable to any contour.

Heavy duty grey aluminium foil, coated with a bituminous adhesive. For use with DENSO Flashing Tape Primer.

For use with Denso Flashing Tape.

Sylglas Plumber Fix

Two-part putty that when mixed together, hardens to form a strong waterproof self-adhesive seal for weeping, sweating and burst metal pipes, radiators, tanks and cylinders.

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