Powerful and fast, Dambuster drain cleaner will fly in to the offending area and break-up the enemy blockages – grease, hair, sanitary napkins, paper, cigarette ends, tea bags, in fact all organic pockets of resistant will be at your mercy when you use Dambuster.

Removes grime, germs, algae slime and bacteria that build up in the tub and hidden pipework of whirlpools and spa systems. Helps stop algae re-growth. Powerful germicidal additive for all types of whirlpool bath.

Liqui Genius Drain Rod Cleaner

A safe and fragrant way to clear drain blockages. One dose will clear your slow running drains. Just pour and let the powder work it’s magic! This product can be used for drains, toilets & urinals, grease traps and septic systems.

Prevention is better than cure. This specially formulated chemical agent used periodically for cleaning and maintenance, will ensure a smooth flow-through of industrial drains, sinks, toilets, showers, and urinals. Weekly application removes verdigris (green rust) and hard water scale build up.

Super cleansing agent for showers, bathrooms and kitchens. Removes limescale, rust stains, grease and dirt quickly from shower enclosures, sanitary ware, baths, basins, ceramic tiles etc. Safe to use on: glass, acrylic, plastics, stainless steel, aluminium, chromium fittings, copper tubing, kitchen surfaces, vitreous enamel.

Super strong toilet bowl descaler. Fizzes off limescale FAST! Leaves toilet bowls, urinals and other sanitary ware cleansed, disinfected and free from scale stains. Supplied in a 1 Litre bottle. A great product for your bathroom and business washrooms.

Shower Head Cleaner
Removes scale and debris that harbour bacteria. It disinfects killing a wide range of bacteria and fungi, including legionella. Has a colour indicator which shows when product needs refreshing. Shower head cleaner is an essential part of any maintenance programme.
Mould remover spray
The perfect solution for sanitising most hard surfaces. It is particularly suitable for the removal of pink and black mould from shower stall walls. From the grout between bathroom tiles and from shower curtains. No need to scrub, contains active bleaching agents.
Mr Muscle Glass Cleaner

Mr Muscle Window and Glass 5 in 1. Supplied in a 750ml bottle. For effective cleaning of all your glass and window surfaces. Cuts through grease and grime. Cleans to a streak free shine. Leaves all glass surfaces smear free.

Strong anti-bacterial concentrate with a beautiful pine fragrance for cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting all drains, sinks urinals etc. Fresco is QAC disinfectant conforming to BS 6424: 1984, Grade QAP 50. Passes BS 6471 test as a dilution of 1-50. Non acid, non toxic and biodegradable. Easy spray container. Industrial and domestic applications.

Tork extra mild liquid soap
Provide extra care for sensitive skin with Tork Extra Mild Liquid Soap. With its mild ingredients and perfume as well as colour-free formulation. This soap is very gentle to the skin. Allergy friendly certified by ECARF, the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

PDCB Free – Contains No Paradichlorobenzene. High impact perfume with odour neutralisers. Detergent based formulation, cleans as it fragrances. Helps prevent limescale. Water soluble – will not block water outlets. Lasts up to 4 weeks.

pwave toilet bowl clip

Freshens the air for 30 days – Unique patent pending material contains 40 times more fragrance oil than standard rim sticks. Gradually releases air freshener over 30 days. Environmentally friendly – Low VOC (compliant in Europe, America and North America). 100% recyclable.

pwave urinal deodoriser

40 times more fragrance oil which is gradually released over 30 days versus other urinal deodorisers. VOC Compliant. No ozone depleting ingredients. One tenth the VOC’s of most aerosols. Eliminates Odours. Releases optimised bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odours. Great design reduces splash back while optimising fragance release.