Pwave Urinal Deodoriser – Mango. Directa brand. Pack of 1. Freshens urinal for 30 days. 40 times more fragrance oil which is gradually released over 30 days versus other urinal deodorisers. VOC Compliant. No ozone depleting ingredients. One tenth the VOC’s of most aerosols. Eliminates Odours. Releases optimised bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odours. Saves Time and Money. Great design reduces splash back while optimising fragance release. Cutting cleaning time by up to 50%. Allows full view of urinal drain to ensure optimal drain flow while trapping debris. Pwave Urinal Deodoriser – Mango shrinks in size as it releases beneficial bacteria, odour counteractants as well as fragrance. For our full range of Pwave products, click here. Additionally, if you would like product advice then please call us on 01621 828882.