Heavy duty double sided adhesive transfer tape. This tape is solventless, and has a pressure sensitive Sythentic Rubber Resin adhesive strip.  High adhesive strength with limited resistance to UV light and high temperatures. Not recommended for shear applications. This tape has many advantages over brush-on or gun applied adhesives, with no curing time required, no fumes, it is solvent free, non hardening and permanently flexible.
  • Specially developed for joining polythene sheeting
  • Recommended by ICI for use with ‘Visqueen’
  • Suitable for fixing many other materials, including rubber – plasticised PVC should be avoided
  • Apply 048 to one surface, remove release liner and press other surface firmly onto tape face
  • Surfaces must be clean, dry and grease free
  • This instant bonding product provides the ideal solution for a no mess repair
  • This ‘glue on a roll’ will solve your bonding and sealing needs
  • Minimum order quantity 1 roll
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