Kontoor Abrasives are double-sided abrasive sheets.  Kontoor Abrasives Dryway ‘Yellow’ handipads have 10 times the life of conventional abrasives. To view our range of abrasives online click here.

Kontoor Abrasives Dryway:

  • Supplied in a box of 100, which gives you 200 sides
  • Won’t crack
  • Non-splitting
  • Conforms to work surface
  • Won’t tear
  • Non-curling
  • Edge strength
  • Kontoor is suitable for most wetway and dryway applications: used dry it does not crack or split, used wet it does not curl
  • Free pair of gloves in each box – these are ideal to use when sanding
Take a look at our Kontoor Abrasives Film:
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free gloves with Kontoor Abrasives

Free pair of cotton gloves with all Kontoor Abrasives