Fire Action Please read this and remember Sign. 250mm x 300mm. Available in different materials. Sign reads: Fire action Please read this and remember what it says. Your life and others’ lives may depend on it.


  • Operate the nearest fire alarm at once.
  • Call the Fire Brigade.
  • DO NOT TAKE ANY RISKS, but if you can, attack the fire with the equipment provided.
  • Otherwise, close a door on the fire if you can, and close all other doors on your way out.
  • Leave the building by the nearest available exit. IF YOU HEAR THE FIRE ALARM. Leave the building by the nearest available exit, closing all doors behind you, and report to the assembly point at _ . DO NOT run, DO NOT stop to collect your belongings, DO NOT use the lifts, DO NOT enter the building again until the Fire Officer says you may.


  • 1. Put out, or turn down as far as possible, all open fires and anything else that could start a fire.
  • 2. Unplug all unnecessary electrical equipment.
  • 3. See that all cookers and heaters are turned off at the mains.
  • 4. See that all ashtrays are safely emptied.
  • 5. DO NOT leave any clothes, or anything else that might burn, near any heater or open fire.
  • 6. Shut the kitchen and living-room doors firmly behind you.
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