Eco Friendly Paper Recyclable Carton Buff Packaging Tape –  Parseal brand. This tape offers outstanding performance as an ecological packaging tape. Our Eco Friendly Paper Recyclable Tape is a low-crepe brown paper with excellent conformability and anti-slip surface. The paper is absolutely silicone-free and the adhesive is fully thermoplastic (hot melt), (which is the same nature of the glues usually used for box/carton assembly) in order to offer the best possibility for the recycling of the used packaging boxes.
  • Tape Thickness: 0.10mm
  • Tensile L/CD: 3.5 N/cm
  • Elongation L/CD: 8%
  • Tear Resistance L/CD: 144/112 deg. E
  • Steel adhesion: 1.5 N/cm
  • Backing adhesion: 0.8 N/cm
  • R.B. Tack: 1 cm
  • Shear at 50 deg. 1kg: 15 min
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