Managing Director of Directa UK Ltd Dave Dennison .DL has published his third children’s book ‘Clip Cheesecake and the Jelly Roger’ under his penname ‘Ferdie Yeatsy’. Can the ‘Jelly Roger’ beat the ‘Smelly Sock’ and save the Marina for the Sea Cadets? Series… 1. Clip Cheesecake and the Majellic Beans 2. Clip Cheesecake Meets Beanie 3. NEW Clip Cheesecake and the Jelly Roger   ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS BOOK GO TO THE BRAINWAVE CHILDREN’S CHARITY. To read more about the Brainwave Charity please visit their website If you would like a copy of the new book for just £6 then please give us a call or you can purchase one online here -> Clip Cheesecake and the Jelly Roger.