Waterless Economic Vehicle Cleaning

Gary says:

“WOW Waterless Motor Wash, is a unique, easy to spray on and wipe off formula, that leaves an amazing shine. It also leaves a coating that repels rain and helps to protect paintwork from the elements, like damaging tree sap and bird droppings. WOW Motor will clean, shine and protect, the paintwork, glass plastic, chrome, leather, dashboards, and alloy wheels. With a 500ml spray bottle and two re-usable high quality WOW micro fibre cloths, you can now clean your vehicle anywhere in minutes, and up to seven times per 500ml spray. WOW is non toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly.”

WOW is available in 500ml, 5 litres and 25 litres. So, whether you’re giving a single car the once over, or sprucing up a fleet of vans, WOW is the waterless solution for you. > Click here for further information and to order.

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We sell packs of WOW Microfibre Cloths