VELCRO® Brand Tape and Products

Directa UK Ltd are Premium Distributors of genuine Hook and Loop Velcro® Brand products. We offer a wide range of Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop to suit a variety of applications, from industrial uses to home crafts and hobbies.

Velcro® Brand Hook and Loop went into space! This year Velcro® are celebrating the 50th year anniversary of the Moon landing.

Velcro celebrates moon landing

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Take a look through our Velcro range that you can order online. If you can’t see what you need then please give our sales team a call on 01621 828882 or email and they will be happy to help.

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Additional Information:

The Velcro® Brand product range has increased dramatically since the early days. Initially only well-known and traditional products, primarily high-quality VELCRO® Brand hook and loop tapes, were available. However, the market has now been transformed to include a contemporary range of high-technology VELCRO® Brand fasteners, developed by Velcro® Brand Industries globally, including plastic, stainless steel and elasticated qualities.

Directa (UK) Ltd is now one of the largest distributors of VELCRO® Brand products in the country. We supply such an extensive range of quality products for every area of industry, such as the aviation, print and medical industries. In addition,  we are dedicated to building a reputation for excellent customer service.

The History of Velcro®

The story of the discovery of Velcro® Brand hook and loop fasteners begins with George de Mestral taking a walk through the countryside with his dog. The swiss engineer enjoyed hunting, and one morning in 1941 while returning from the fields with his dog he noticed how difficult it was to detach flowers of the mountain thistle from his trousers and dogs fur. He removed them carefully from his clothing and observed them under a microscope. It was then he discovered why they clung on, the flowers were covered in hundred of tiny but strong hooks which were able to attach themselves to animal fur and fabric.

As an experienced inventor he was able to see the potential of this discovery, and with much time and effort a revolutionary fastening system that never jammed was born called Velcro® Brand Tape.