Directa UK have been suppliers of safety signs for over 40 years. Our sign range not only includes standard signage but also Bespoke Signage, Labels and Vehicle Graphics. We have our own in house sign making department which means we can offer a quick turnaround and competitive prices.

Signs we supply include:

Prohibition Signs

These safety signs are predominantly red and white which denotes that a certain behaviour or activity is prohibited. Common examples of these signs are “No Smoking” and “No Access”.

Hazard Signs

These signs help to alert and warn of potential dangers. The different types of hazard signs include Danger Signs, Warning Signs and Caution Signs. A common example of these are “Danger Live Wires Overhead”, “Warning Guard Dogs” and “Caution Slippery Surface”.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are very important on the roads to us. Some warn you of potential dangers, some give you instructions and some are informative. Common examples of these are “Road Ahead Closed”, “Diversion” and “Speed Cameras”.

Fire Signs

Fire signs are a legal requirement to have in your work place. There are different types of fire signs including informative signs and instructional signs. Examples of these are “Fire Action Sign” and “Fire Exit Signs”.

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