Directa’s guide to preparing and painting a warehouse concrete floor

Looking to give your floor a new lease of life but not sure how to go about it? Follow our step-by-step instructions for the perfect result.


Simply pour our Concrete Etching Fluid onto the floor and apply by brush. A floor scrubbing brush will help for larger areas. Simply brush on and rinse away. Our Concrete Etching Fluid:

  • Ensures good adhesive.
  • Gives a ‘key’ to smooth concrete.
  • Removes weak or dusty laitance on concrete.
  • Helps provide a slip/ skid resistant surface on polished concrete.
  • Is available in 5 or 25 litres.


Once you have applied the Concrete Etching Fluid to your floor, carefully rinse the floor clean, make sure you don’t use anything to powerful like a pressure washer, as this could potentially ruin all your hard work!


You can now leave the floor to dry out. (This will take approximately 48 hours). When the floor is dry, you can begin to paint it.


Usually, just one coat of our Epoxy Gloss Coat will do the job, but to ensure a perfectly even finish, you should coat the floor twice. Our Epoxy Gloss Coat comes in a wide range of colours to suit all your needs.


Once dried, your concrete floor is now ready to use.