Floor Paints

Keeping your concrete floors clean, tidy and looked after is important. With our range of paints making sure your floors are spick and span is an easy task.

Listed below is the range of floor paint on offer at Directa.

Supplied in a 5 litre tin.

This hardwearing concrete floor paint is available in a wide range of colours. This floor paint will brighten up your warehouse, factory, showroom, office, school, workshop and garages.  It is tough and oil resistant and promotes a high standard of cleanliness.  Oil and grease spillages are easily removed.

This floor paint is fast drying, and has a covering of 20M square per 5 litres, which allows for two coats.

Supplied in a 5 litre tin.

This floor paint is ideal for all areas where there is likely to be chemical spillages e.g. food processing plants.  It is also the unmatched choice for heavy traffic areas or where cleanliness and appearance are important.

Cures to an impervious gloss finish and will accept light traffic the day after application. Touch dry in 2-4 hours.  Coverage is 18M square per 5 litres, allowing for two coats.

Supplied in a 5 litre tin.

This hardwearing paint is designed to seal and colour concrete floors. This floor paint has excellent durability, and has good resistance to diluted acids and alkalis, petrol and oil. It is also UV resistant.  Perfect for use on factory and garage floors. Available in colours: red, grey and green.

Touch dry in 2-4 hours at 20 degrees C.  Coverage is 12-15M square per litre.