Line Marking Tapes and Sprays

Line Marking Tape ‘Deemark’ Brand

Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and White. 33M length rolls and in various widths from 25mm to 150mm.

(We recommend the use of a primer with this tape).


50mm x 33M

    Heavy duty plasticised PVC line marking tape that provides instant demarcation lines for gangways and restricted areas.

      Used by hand or marking machine these brilliant colours are ideal for marking floors, walls, concrete, even grass and earth.

Perfect essentials for use with our Line Marking Sprays

Extremely stable and simple to operate, it is constructed from robust metal for a long life and is designed to mark clear lines on all surfaces.

2-Wheel Line Marker

Ideal when marking up golf courses, playgrounds etc., this economical line marker features an adjustable handle for comfort and ease of use.