Cable Ties Range and Uses

Cable Ties are also commonly known as zip-ties or tie wraps. They are generally used for bundling several electronic cables or wires together. Cable Ties are available in a wide range of sizes and colours making them perfect for any job.

Alternative options for cable ties are black, natural and silver. These are available in various sizes and are packed in bags of 100.

Although widely used throughout the electrical industry, cable ties are a multi-functional product.

Here are some other handy uses for cable ties: – Keeping wheel trims attached to a moving vehicle. – Used to maintain packed food freshness within the food industry. – Make your suitcase easily identifiable in the airport with a brightly coloured cable tie. – Organise your fishing tackle and tools or use them to connect crab cages. – Stronger specialised cable ties have been used for handcuffs. – Great for emergency costume malfunctions for stage/theatre or even at home.

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