This anti slip tape is a self adhesive, is made with an effective surfacing material comprising of a tough, waterproof film, resin-bonded with diamond hard mineral grains which adhere quickly and simply to floors.

Deemark Brand Line / Floor Marking PVC Tape is highly distinctive adhesive floor tape that is tough and durable. This heavy duty plasticised PVC tape provides instant demarcation lines for gangways & restricted areas. Ideal for sports halls, warehouses, hospitals etc.

Denso Tape has many uses including: Corrosion protection of pipes & valves, joints, metal surfaces and cables above and below ground or under water.

Double Sided Tape self adhesive tape is used in many applications and comes in a variety of forms such as Double Sided Cloth Tape, Acrylic Double Sided Tape, Foam Double Sided Tape.

PVC Electrical Tape is a self adhesive tape that is used in many applications ranging from colour coding to electrical insulation work, holding up footballers socks, stage floor marking and bundling cables in fact this tape has numerous applications.