Bonds quickly to a lot of materials including metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, rubber and much more.

Nutlock and seal Topstik brand. Made to replace locking nut and refrain loosening because of vibration and seals threads against breakage.

Designed to bond instantly to a wide variety of materials. Very handy for quick and easy use.

Ideal applied to tack off adhesives pre applied to bonding surfaces. Made to speed up the solve time of cyanoacrylate adhesives.

Cyanoacrylate Metal Bonder ‘Topstik’ brand. Designed to give high performance bonds on metal to metal applications. Use on ferrous and non ferrous metals for light assembly applications.

Our 3M sprays are great for a lot of different uses. Have a look at our 3M section to see what each spray does.

Adhesive tape applicator. Not sticky tape – more like glue on a roll.

Five times the strength of conventional hook and loop fasteners, suitable for use on most surfaces.

Araldite Crystal Fix is a transparent, rapid setting grab adhesive for interior bonding applications.

Araldite Instant Fix is a high tack, rapid setting grab adhesive for interior bonding applications and fitting work.

Araldite Rapid is a fast setting and water reistant adhesive. Can be painted and sanded.