3M and Directa UK have worked together in partnership for over 10 years.  Directa UK are one of the main 3M tape distributors in the South East of England and always offer high levels of service, providing high quality products to our customers.

3M has an extensive range of industrial tapes, adhesives, occupational health and safety products. Directa UK with it’s highly trained staff will provide help and support across our range of products, ensuring that you, the customer, will be offered the best solution for your requirements.

Part of 3M’s continued success is innovation and product development.  Working with highly trained and dedicated distributors such as Directa UK, ensures that our customers are kept fully up to date with the latest product news.


Not double sided tape, more like glue on a roll. Permanent or removable. Ideal for crafts and hobbies.

3M ATG transfer adhesives are the quick and precise alternatives to usual assembly methods.

Quick – Always ready for use – No protective cap to remove and lose. Clean – No drips, nothing to clean up afterwards. Exact – Applies a uniform adhesive film only where it is required.

Reliable – The range allows for almost any material to be joined with a reliable, durable bond.

3M Dual Lock SJ356 is specifically designed for assembly of translucent or clear materials.

More than 1000 openings and closings. Five times the strength of conventional hook and loop fasteners. Coated with VHB clear acrylic foam tape. Only 1 product – locks onto itself.

We supply a wide range of 3M Spray’s including Spray 77 – a multi purpose spray glue, Spray 76 – an adhesive spray glue, Spray 74 – a spray glue for foam and Spray 80 – a neoprene contact adhesive. View our full range on our website today.