I'm Victoria, I've been part of the Directa Trade team now since 2000. (returning 2016 after a small break)

My passion is to ensure my family is fit, well and happy. My spare time is consumed with keeping fit and the kids amused.

To give you an idea of me as a person, my Marketing Department asked who I'd be as an animal, film star and cartoon character.

Well, if I was an animal I guess I'd be a Lioness, Elegant, Fast and take a Pride in what I do!  As a celebrity I would like to be Dolly Parton always working 9 to 5!!

As a cartoon character I would be that superhero 'Wonder Woman', Working within an office full of men and running a family home it takes sometimes all my super powers to keep things in check, My motto would be ‘behind all great men there’s an even stronger women’

I'm always trying to improve my customer base and ensure my customers are happy. You can contact me at either tradesales3@directa.co.uk or telephone 01621 828882 ext 277.

Needless to say, if you need me to Wizz into action then please just give me a call.