RichardSouthern Regional Manager
Hi to all in London and the South East I’m Richard (also known as Rich, Ric, Dick or if you play in my football team Billy – work that one out!). I have been with the company for over 20 years and for the past few years, have been responsible for the overall sales generated in London and the South-East, in my role as LONDON & EASTERN SALES MANAGER. I have a more than capable Sales Team of nine working under me (not literally), to help you with all your needs in Essex, London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent, Cambs or Herts. In my spare time I’m either playing Football, supporting the Hammers, playing poker, drinking wine or taking photographs (a strange combination I know). If I was an animal I’d like to be a shark as I can’t think of too many things that eat sharks! (The Japanese enjoy shark fin soup. Ed.) If I was a cartoon character I’d be Big Ears (work it out for yourself) and if I was a celebrity then I’d liken myself to John Cleese, not because I have a funny walk, but I do love to lark around and try not to take life too seriously. If that little insight hasn’t made you run for the hills then give me a call, I’ll help in any way I can. You can reach me on 01621 828882 ext 239 or email on Cheers, Richard.

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