Cigarette Butt Bin - Butz (Starter Pack)

Product Code: BUTTSSP

This starter pack includes 100 refills, Back Plate and No Smoking Sign. Made from recycled alloy, Butz is a cigarette bin like no other. It is a disposable container, neatly dealing with your used butt ends. It is simple to use, easy to assemble, maintenance free and will encourage a cleaner smoking area at the workplace, in social leisure areas and outdoor venues. Conventional bins require dedicated time to be cleaned and maintained, an arduous task which research shows is rarely carried out. The container would also need replacing when broken, either way additional costs are created, both in time and replacement. Whilst Butz would in the main, be screw fixed to a flat wall surface, we have developed a freestanding option. This option is ideal for front of house locations and outside catering venues, be they paved, grasses of gardened. Note: All freestanding or bespoke options are made to order.
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