Hi to all in Shropshire!

I’m Ali and I have worked with the Directa Sales team for over thirty years, most of the time I have been responsible for the management.

My main passion, other than work, is Chelsea football team (and not just for the last couple of years) The other fine team that I support, manage and sometimes turn out for is Directa Hotspur.If I was an animal I’d be a monkey, hairy and cheeky, just like my cousin Richard Keys of Sky Sports fame. As a celebrity I’d be George Clooney for the obvious reasons (I’m his body double) As a cartoon character I’d have to be Tom the cat from Tom and Jerry as I’m always chasing someone or something around.

I would say to anyone who has not dealt with us before give us a chance to supply you and we’ll have some fun along the way.

If you need any help with any orders or enquiries you can give me a call on 01621 827312 or simply email me on centralsales45@directa.co.uk




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