Flipper Brand Silicone Sealant – Clear. High performance. Considerably deodorised and has one-component sealing compound. It is fungistatic, permanently elastic and non-fading. Curing at atmospheric humidity, anti-corrosive, suitable for acid and alkaline substrates, for expansion joints for indoor and outdoor use. Skinning time approximately 10 -18 minutes. Curing time approximately 1mm per day. Non-fading without acid. No odour. Permanently elastic. Weather-proof, great in all weather conditions. Suitable for alkaline substrates, with anti-fungal additive, therefore, no corrosion on metals. Flipper Brand Silicone Sealant – Clear is suitable for sealing glass, aluminium, painted surfaces, sanitaryware, ceramics and non-porous surfaces. FREE Delivery when you order online for orders over £15. Additionally, for our full range of decorating products, click here.