Clear Window Security Film can be applied to existing windows and other glass panels not just new ones. It is completely undetectable when applied to glass, yet increases the strength of glazed areas to protect against vandals, fire, bomb attacks or industrial accidents. If a breakage does occur, the film holds the glass in place until it can be safely removed, thus eliminating the dangers of flying glass fragments. Particularly recommended for use in high risk areas such as banks, government buildings and schools and is also ideal for shop fronts as a deterrent against theft. Conforms to BS6206 Class B and C. Visible light transmission 85%. Ultra-violet transmittance 0-4%. Film thickness .0004″. Tensile strength 25,000 PSI. Break strength 100 pounds per inch (width). Peel strength 4-5 pounds per inch. Make sure that all cracked or broken glass is clearly marked with Hazard tape. Shorter lengths can be manufactured to suit your requirements. Please ask our Sales Department. View our short film to see how good this product really is!