Topstik Pipe Sealant 65ml. WFBS Approved. Locks and seals threaded pipe fittings. Contains PTFE. Replaces the need for pipe tapes. Accommodates joint movement. Allows for hand assembly. Use on most common water, oil, gas and air fittings. Mixes safely with most fluids. Fill size 50ml. Gives an instant low pressure seal which allows system to be started up without delay.Because of its anaerobic nature,any excess pipe sealant outside the bond line does not cure and can be flushed through the system without risk of blockage. Pipe Sealant VPD2010 replaces pipe tapes and dopes.Itsthixotropic nature prevents migration of the product during application.Pipe Sealant VPD2010 has a gap filling ability and is suitable for use on medium to large threaded fittings. To view our wide range of Topstik branded products, click here.