Liqui-Genius – Flame Retardant Spray – 1 Litre. This fire retardant liquid spray will help protect your home and workplace from fire damage. Our fire retardant liquid is a colourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid. You simply spray onto cotton, polycotton as well as polyester. Ideal for protecting your home, office, workshop, warehouse, garage and even your caravans. Can’t be seen or felt after drying. Treated materials just won’t support a flame. Even if a fire started in an untreated area, on reaching the treated area it would simply go out. This Liqui-Genius – Flame Retardant Spray – 1 Litre is non-toxic. Therefore is is long lasting and versatile. Easy application. Just one litre of liquid covers between 100-120 square feet. For our full range of fire safety products, click here.