KS900EK Variable Speed Jigsaw with a pendulum action that allows for a faster cutting action, and a variable speed, for better control in different materials. The sightline channel allows the user to follow the line of cut more easily. The Superlok® blade clamp makes U and T Shank blade changes much faster and easier. Has magnetic on-board blade change, that allows different blades to be stored on the tool. Dust management allows to either blow the dust off the line offcut or extraction for a cleaner work-place. Accubevel™ system give the user a fast tool-free adjustable shoe with preset bevel angles. The lock-on switch, and rubber coated handle increases user comfort during prolonged cutting tasks.Comes with a carry case, 3 blades, and a vacuum adaptor. Specification Input power: 600 Watt. Voltage: 230 Volts. Speed: Variable. Strokes: 800-3000/min. Cable length: 3m. Bevel cut: 0-45°. Depth of cut: Wood: 85 mm, Steel: 5mm, and Aluminium: 15mm.