Anti Climb Paint (also known as anti intruder, anti vandal, and anti burglar paint) provides a slippery finish to deter intruders and prevent them getting a foothold. Easy to apply, anti climb paint is a tried and tested product. An excellent deterrent to would-be intruders. Anti Climb paint continues to work in any weather. Our Anti climb paint has a black finish which blends in with other building materials and paint finishes. Anti Climb Paint is a non-drying, oil based paint that stays wet to provide a constant slippery surface. Simply brush anti climb paint onto your drainpipes or fencing to prevent vandals and burglars from accessing your property. You must warn people that Anti Climb paint products are in use – we have a wide range of Anti Climb Paint Signs that are sold separately (see below for range of anti climb signs). Anti Climb Paint Coverage: One 5 Litre tin will cover 2 square metres. Anti Climb Paint is also available as a spray (see below related products for details)