Topstik Anaerobic Sealants 65ml. Gasket and Flange Sealer. Designed to make a gasket shim between close fitting parts. Only cures on bond line. Fast cure. Resists chemicals and temperatures up to 200 deg C. This sealant is a fast curing sealing compound. It has gap filling ability and seals close therefore, fitting joints between flanges and metal surfaces. Its thixotropic nature prevents migration of the product and facilitates application even on to vertical surfaces. It shows particularly good resistance to extremes of temperature and chemicals/solvents. Brightly coloured which permits easy visual inspection during assembly. Based on a di-Methacrylate resin. Topstik Anaerobic Sealants 65ml ensures parts are clean, dry and free from oil and grease. The speed of cure of the product may be accelerated by heat. Apply the product by hand from the bottle. Additionally, for our full Topstik brand range, click here.