30MU Parseal Pallet Wrap. Standard core 400mm x 300M, general purpose. Formulated to ensure secure coverage with a once over wrap, eliminating the need for multiple binding. This Pallet Wrap is a hard working, efficient cover for the majority of pallets. Parseal Pallet Wrap 30MU is used to wrap, secure and waterproof your products to protect them during storage or transit. It offers good overall strength and clarity and is suitable for square and irregular shaped pallets. Available in 3 different MU’s.  NB: You can also purchase this product in box/pallet quantities. 6 ROLLS/BOX – 60 BOXES/PALLET please call us on 01621 828882 for more details. To view our full range of pallet wraps, click here. Take a look at our Parseal Range film: