SteveSales Director
Hi to all, I’m Steve and I’ve been a loyal servant of Directa for many years, during which time I’ve looked after customers from Harlow to Harrogate and from Cleethorpes to Cardiff, so I’m fluent in most accents! These days I delight in being Sales Director. Apart from my lovely wife and daughter, my main passion is football, at the moment I’m a very happy Hammer! Long may it last. If I was an animal I’d probably be a rotweiller, you see I look like I might bite, but really I prefer to be stroked. (Also dogs can do many things us humans can’t!). If I was a celebrity I’d be Antonio Banderas, as like him I’m tall, dark and mysterious, with a side that can make you laugh! My cartoon character would have to be Hong Kong Phooey because I’m also a number 1 super guy! So, if you have any geography questions, or business related ones, call me on 01621 828882 ext 279 or e-mail Steve.

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