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Wow motorsport 500ml. Now you can keep your race machine clean at the track without worrying about the use of water. Like all WOW products it biodegradable and eco friendly and therefore can be used anywhere. Easy to use, simply spray on and wipe off removing oil, bugs, dirt and grime without the need for water and without scratching your paintwork. It leaves your racing machine looking great with a protective coating. Included is the renowned WOW crash helmet cleaner and anti fogger that will clean your helmet and give you an edge by ensuring your visor does not mist up and leaving an excellent rain repelling coating on the outside. Very handy for that extra fast start or when it’s raining. Supplied in a handy 500ml spray bottle with 2 microfibre cloths.
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Dimension 500ml
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Pack Quantity 1
Unit of Measurement Each

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