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      6 Bulb LED Torch
See your way in the dark with this handy superbright LED Torch. Features a push button on and off sw..
Inc Vat: £4.79
     Energizer AA LED Torch
Energizer AA LED Torch. * Weatherproof * Heavy duty rubber body * Shatterproof lens * Non-slip grip ..
Inc Vat: £14.71
     Energizer AAA LED Torch
Energizer AAA LED Torch. * Heavy duty rubber body * Impact resistant * Shatterproof lens * Weatherpr..
Inc Vat: £8.21
     Energizer Workpro Lantern 4D
Unique adjustable hanging cable. Pull test 10kg. Impact resistant 2M drop test. Weatherproof. Shatte..
Inc Vat: £32.76
     Halogen Spotlight Torch
Halogen spotlight 1 million candle. Built in 6v battery. Heavy duty re-chargeable battery to provide..
Inc Vat: £34.80
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     Rechargeable LED Torch
Rechargeable LED Torch. Comes with a handy wall bracket. Ideal for emergencies. H 267mm x W 60mm x D..
Inc Vat: £21.17
Duracell Ultra power AA-Pack of 4
Duracell Ultra power AA supplied in a pack of 4..
Inc Vat: £7.48
Energizer LED Lantern
The reliable LED lantern designed to float on water, has a powerful reflector and lens, has an easy ..
Inc Vat: £12.10
Energizer Vision HD+ Focus 250 Lumen Headlight
Energizer Vision HD+ Focus 250 Lumen Headlight. Enhanced design: Digital focus, dimming, pivoting he..
Inc Vat: £16.56
Metal Energizer 2D Torch
Metal Torch, designed to last 15 years, 3 Nichia LEDs, intense brightness, impact resistant, big pus..
Inc Vat: £15.12
Power Light - 3,2Ah/6V
Type 5/6 Light. Battery: 3,2Ah/6V - 6hrs/29hrs. Flashing light indication, two colour discs with ..
Inc Vat: £269.70
Power Light - 6,5Ah/6V
Type 10/3. Battery: 6,5Ah/6V - 3hrs/29hrs. Flashing light indication, two colour discs with 10W H..
Inc Vat: £378.24
Sparks Electrical Kit
This kit contains Sparks brand electrical insulating tape which is a top quality self-extinguishing ..
Inc Vat: £22.79
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