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Anti Climb Paint - 5 Ltrs
Anti Climb Paint (also known as anti intruder, anti vandal, and anti burglar paint) provides a slip..
Inc Vat: £48.72
Anti Climb Spray - 500ml
Anti Climb Spray (Deemark Defender) is an anti climb spray paint designed to deter unwanted visitors..
Inc Vat: £9.00
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CCTV For your personal safety …  Sign
CCTV for your personal safety sign. Stoved Aluminium 200mm x 300mm. CCTV for you personal safety, Vi..
Inc Vat: £44.40
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CCTV Images are being monitored Sign
CCTV Sign. CCTV Images are being monitored for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety. T..
Inc Vat: £44.40
CCTV in Operation Sign
CCTV in Operation Sign. For the purpose of: ______. For information contact: ______. Stoved Aluminiu..
Inc Vat: £44.40
Cork/Foam Pads - Pack of 10000
For use in transportation of glazing units. Used between the glazing units, these pads prevent damag..
Inc Vat: £136.86
EB Steel Door Chain - 85mm
Electro Brass Steel Door Chain. Can be fixed to timber and most types of uPVC doors, and has an easy..
Inc Vat: £2.64
EB Steel Security Door Guard - 105mm
EB Steel Security Door Guard 105mm Polished Brass..
Inc Vat: £9.66
Key Storage -  Slimline Keysafe
This slimline keysafe is ideal for people who need to gain regular access to property. Holds up to 3..
Inc Vat: £75.72
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Neighbourhood Watch Signs - Neighbourhood Watch
Neighbourhood Watch Sign. 250mm x 380mm. Types of Neighbourhood Watch signs manufactured from 11swg ..
Inc Vat: £59.10
Security Window Film - 900mm x 30.5M
Clear Security Film can be applied to existing windows and other glass panels not just new ones. It ..
Inc Vat: £475.20
Tamper Proof Security Carton Sealing Packaging Tape - Blue
Tamper Evident Tape shows instantly whether anyone has tried to open your package. If anyone tries t..
Inc Vat: £37.20