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Cyanoacrylate 416 Adhesive
Cyanoacrylate 416 Adhesive - specially formulated for the bonding of plastics, rubbers, wood, paper ..
Inc Vat: £3.53
Cyanoacrylate 424 Adhesive
Cyanoacrylate 424 Adhesive..
Inc Vat: £1.68
Cyanoacrylate Activator
Cyanoacrylate Activator, supplied in a 200ml can...
Inc Vat: £5.52
Design PU Foam Gun
Heavy duty professional grade metal polyurethane applicator gun for use with gun foams. For the appl..
Inc Vat: £70.68
Fire Rated Expanding Polyurethane Foam Filler - 750ml - Clear
Fire rated one component, expanding polyurethane foam filler. Rapid curing. Has excellent thermal an..
Inc Vat: £10.62
Multispray Adhesive
Easily applied adhesive in aerosol form with a variable spray nozzle, for general purpose bonding. H..
Inc Vat: £2.82
PTFE Spray
For the lubrication of cams, open bearings and chutes on packaging equipment...
Inc Vat: £3.66
PU Adhesive Express
Clear PU adhesive express 310ml. A single component, moisture curing wood adhesive. Totally waterpr..
Inc Vat: £9.18
Skelton Gun
For use with silicon sealant. ..
Inc Vat: £8.16
WG10+ White Grease With PTFE Spray
WG10+ is ideal for lubricating brake linkages, latches, cams, window regulators, hinges, springs, wi..
Inc Vat: £5.04