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 Brillo Oven and Grill Trigger Cleaner - 750ml
This is a non corrosive, oven and grill cleaner for daily use, suitable for ovens and grills in food..
Inc Vat: £14.28
 Brillo Oven Cleaning Foam - 500ml
Brillo, oven and grill foam cleaner in an aerosol, removes heavy soil on cold or warm ovens. Perfect..
Inc Vat: £9.60
Beard Snood
Disposable blue beard snood-Pack of 36. Lightweight, Easy to use. Offers protection against facial h..
Inc Vat: £9.30
Brillo Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner - 750ml
Specially formulated to remove dirt and grime from windows, glass and stainless steel partitions, su..
Inc Vat: £9.36
Brillo Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser - 5 Litres
Powerful solution for removing tough grease and ground in soil. For use on floors, walls, equipment ..
Inc Vat: £31.98
Brillo Washing Up Liquid - 5 Litres
Concentrated blend of \'high active\' grease cutting ingredients...
Inc Vat: £26.70
Bryta Dishwasher Powder - 5Kg
Bryta brand machine dishwasher powder, supplied in a 5kg container, for use in all types of domestic..
Inc Vat: £48.60
Caterers Sponge - Pack of 6
Caterers sponge scourer. * Large Catering Size. * Ideal for heavy applications. * Pack of 6...
Inc Vat: £4.80
De-Ionised Water - 25 Litres
De-Ionised water. For battery maintenance and steam irons. Prevents furring and scale formation. Sup..
Inc Vat: £45.78
Dirteeze Industrial Multi Purpose Wipes
Dirteeze Industrial Multi Purpose Wipes.Very strong material, low-linting, highly absorbent, can be ..
Inc Vat: £33.42
Domestos Powerful Professional Bleach - 5 Litres
Domestos professional bleach provides complete protection from germs. Kills all known germs dead. Th..
Inc Vat: £15.66
Flash Floor and Surface Kitchen Cleaner - Lemon - 5 Litres
Flash Floor Cleaner - Lemon - 5 Litres Where to use: Effective for cleaning floors, kitchen work sur..
Inc Vat: £19.32
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J Cloths  - Pack of 50
J Cloth - Red-Open cellular structure for excellent dirt pick up. Good strength (wet or dry). Easy t..
Inc Vat: £18.30
Mr Muscle Multi-Surface Cleaner - 750ml
Mr Muscle multi surface cleaner, is a powerful no rinse cleaner, you just spray on and wipe off, it ..
Inc Vat: £8.04
Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner - 750ml
Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner is a combined cleaner and sanitiser, that effectively removes grease and d..
Inc Vat: £7.32
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Powerful Domestic Bleach - 750ml
Domestos thick household bleach, kills all known germs, perfect for use in hospitals and schools. Al..
Inc Vat: £4.98
Premkem Hard Surface Cleaner - Concentrate
Premkem Hard Surface Cleaner - This product is an extremely versatile cleaner since it can be used t..
Inc Vat: £9.48
Premkem Hard Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser
Premkem Hard Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser - This product is an effective bacterial multi-purpose fl..
Inc Vat: £10.44
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Premkem Washing Up Liquid
Premkem Washing Up Liquid - This product is for use in cleaning crockery, glasses, cutlery, cooking ..
Inc Vat: £8.16
ResourceRag - Box of 100 Sheets
Specifically developed to be a viable alternative to white wiping rags, the ResourceRag is clean, fr..
Inc Vat: £30.84