3M Tapes


3M Post It Notes

3M Post-it Super Sticky Notes have an enhanced adhesive which holds stronger and longer to vertical and difficult surfaces. Now you can be really sure that your messages, memos or reminders get seen.

3M Hang Tabs

3M Hang Tabs stick to most products or packaging surfaces so that the item can be displayed. Clear construction allows graphics to show through.

3M Range of Sprays

3M aerosol adhesive sprays cover many applications. Spray 74- For Foam, Spray 75- Repositionable, Spray 76- Long Open Time, Spray 77- Multi-Purpose Spray 80- Neoprene, Spray 90- High Strength.

3M Scotch Tape

Invisible and can be written on, 3M Scotch Magic Tapes are ideal for paper repairs and sealing. Won’t ghost on photocopies or yellow with age.

3M Foam Tape

3M VHB Foam Tapes have great resistance to solvents, temperature extremes and U.V. light which make them suitable for many interior and exterior applications.

3M Duct Tape

This 3M vinyl duct tape can be used for sealing, holding, bundling, reinforcing,identifying, tabbing, splicing and so much more.

3M Bumpon protectors

3M Bumpons serve as high performance feet, stops and spacers. They absorb vibrations and noise and stick to most surfaces.

3M Dual Lock

3M Dual Lock is self-mating and has many benefits include: Fast assembly with no drilling, ‘Invisible’ fixings, High temperature and solvent resistance, and can be die-cut to individual designs.

3M Command Range

3M Command Range  includes Hooks and Strips - prefect for hanging up items without the need to drill holes!


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