Hi there,

My name is Dan, and I have got the job of looking after all the lovely people in the Mid/South Essex area.

My hobbies include playing most sports, (whatever’s in season, jack of all master of none.) I am an Irons fan and like our song my dreams seem to fade and die. I like the pub and I love a curry and eating out. I also like going to the cinema and enjoy listening to most music.

If I was a cartoon character I would be Phileas Fogg because he’s minted, been around the world and hes got a butler.

If I was a famous person I would unfortunately be Trigger from ‘Only Fools and Horses’, not my choice but my mates think I sound like him, ( I don’t).

If I was an animal I would want to be a lion, ‘King of the Jungle’. They seem to do what they want and don’t have to worry about their diet.

I would love to help you out with your requirements, what ever they maybe. So give me a call on 01621 828882 ext 244 or you can email me at easternsales66@directa.co.uk


for any requirements you have. I can’t promise you a hat trick every time but I am sure I can help you achieve your goals!



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